I’m Not A Regular Mom, I’m a Horrible and Mean Mom

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

This is my second Christmas as a mother. My little one slept in until 7:30AM and am I ever grateful! I know next year he will probably have us up earlier when he develops a better understanding of old Saint Nick.

This Christmas was an unintentional minimalist Christmas. My “husband” only worked 2 weeks this month before the snow overcame the sod farm he works on. I was off for the majority of the month due to our son having the chicken pox. I did do some shopping in November thankfully, and my parents were able to pick up my slack slightly. Was my son ever spoiled!

I am fine that there were not many presents under the tree for me. The vast majority were for my son. I received a few goodies that will be put to good use in due time. My students who I saw this past weekend also spoiled me with lots of chocolates! All and all, I feel very loved. I am grateful that we could spend this Christmas together as a family. Everyone is healthy, relatively speaking. Tonight we head to my cousin’s house for a feast.

You may be wondering why I declared myself a horrible and mean Mom. Well, as I said, my son was spoiled! After I took some gifts out from under the tree for him to play with, this is what remained.


Many toys, books, and clothes are still under the tree. Even the cookie jar he got from my “husband” and I. Note the pineapple, that’s the cookie jar. I reorganized his play area in our living room to make room for a rug he received from Santa, as well as a giant stuffed pig from the movie Moana.


The remainder of those toys are old ones he has received in the last year. The green monkey basket is nearly filled to the brim with giant legos, and the diaper box beside it has a variety of miscellaneous toys.

Finally, he also has a playpen in our sitting room where he plays when he needs to cool off for a bit or when Mommy needs a break. He is excellent at being an independent child, considering the amount of toys he has in there.


These pictures do not show the toys in my bedroom, his bedroom, the kitchen, and the ones scattered across the house.

Before Christmas I went through all his toys and removed the infant ones that go untouched. I filled a whole plastic bag from Sobeys with them. He still has an overwhelming amount. So, I have come up with a new rule. If he receives a new toy, he (I) will have to get rid of 3 old ones. I can tell you now, he does not play with all these toys. He does not need all of these toys. I am very grateful for those who spoil my son with gifts at every occasion. He has no idea how loved he is! As a minimalist though, we need to cut back on this sheer amount of chaos. Other children could be enjoying these toys everyday, far more than my son does every so often.

So for every new toy he received, 3 old ones will be set aside. Some will be sold, others will be donated. He goes to a home daycare to who I will offer some toys as a donation. I was planning to donate many toys to our local woman’s shelter, but they only accept brand new toys. I am sure I can find a family on my local buy and sell webites that would be more than appreciative.

I’m sure my son will hate me as he gets older. I am hoping that does not last. He needs to understand that he is fortunate to have everything he could ever want, and then some. There are other families out there who are less fortunate and that this act of kindness will go a long way.

Today I will be purging 18 toys from my son’s collection. I encourage all of my readers to do something similar. Give back during the time some families need it most! To my family and friends reading this, if you see me selling a toy or giving away a toy that you gave him, please do not be upset. I cannot control which toys he takes preference to and I would rather not have them sit around collecting dust.

My “husband” and I received 3 new sets of bed sheets. While I did ask for bed sheets as we desperately needed them, we do not need 5 pairs (including the ones we already had). I will be donating our old sheets to the local OSPCA along with old towels.

Next year, I plan to have an even more minimalistic Christmas. Throughout the year, if I find myself in need of something I will write it down. If I happen to get that that before the holiday season, it will be crossed off the list. Anything left on the list will be sent to family members as a “hint, hint, nudge, nudge” list of things we need. My biggest pet peeve recently is while decluttering, I am finding things people gave us many years back (this is my “husband” and my 6th Christmas together) that we have never used. From now on, if it doesn’t serve a purpose in our daily lives then I will find someone who will benefit from it. I mean no disrespect to anyone what so ever. I just ask everyone we know to respect our new lifestyle.

Once again, from my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



  1. We do this a few times a year Disa! Christmas and birthdays and once or twice besides. Most of it gets donated except anything broken of course.


    1. Small humans accumulate SO much stuff. You have 3, so I can only imagine what that is like compared to my 1. I think it’s a wonderful thing to do. It’s a great way to give back to the community. I just hope my son doesn’t take it too personally as he gets older.


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