I’ll be honest with you, but be kind in return

Well, I tried my best during today’s shopping trip. This being the first one since since deciding to take this plunge was interesting. I have so much to learn.

When I ventured into the produce section of No Frills, I tried so hard to get everything plastic and package free! I got bananas, broccoli, kiwis, pears, a watermelon (that looks strangely like the one from Aladdin), and mushrooms. I managed to almost get away scot free with no produce packaging!! BUT, I was very disappointed when it came to my mushrooms. Those who know me know I LOVE mushrooms. I recently learned that buying them from the boxes at the store where you select your own and put them in a brown paper bag is actually cheaper than buying the one’s in a plastic container covered in more plastic! Today at No Frills, I stood there for a solid two minutes searching every square inch around the mushroom display. I could not find the paper bags. There was no way I was buying the pre-packaged ones so I gave in and grabbed a plastic produce bag to contain my many mushrooms. In my latest research I have found cotton mesh produce bags as well as adjustable sandwich bags which would be so incredibly helpful in ridding society of the plastic bag problem. Unfortunately, it being the holiday season, many families do not have the money for extras like getting their children tutoring lessons. My work lately has been minimal, which is the only minimalism I don’t want! So until I begin to make more money I will have to come up with a new way to solve my problem. I also realised this when I was at the checkout. I had no cloth bags with me. The cardboard box bins were empty. So, while hating myself, I mumbled “yes, I need bags.” I have a lot of work to do. Hopefully in the new year I will be able to thin out this plastic usage.

This week coming, after the holidays and travelling have passed, we as a family of five and a half will sit down and meal plan. This is with my hope of spending less time in a grocery store and buying less stuff that we really do not need. This way we also get a variety of meals. My father is a strictly meat and potatoes type of guy. He likes the same meals my mother has been making him for 25 years. He is going to be the hardest obstacle in this whole thing. I am a pasta and veggies girl. I love trying new recipes though. This should be interesting!


Shoutout to my brother! Apparently everything I do that makes me happy he thinks is “stupid.” #Fuckthehaters

I have always been prone to doing the opposite when people tell me what to do. That’s one trait I hope my son picks up on. A big thank-you to those who have given me so much positive feedback!



  1. I always bring reusable bags to the grocery store, but I haven’t made the connection yet that I could really bring them into EVERY store. I only manage to realize when I’m bagging and it’s too late. But we can both learn!


    1. I never would have put two and two together there! Thank you! I’m on the hunt for bags that are 100% cotton to use where ever I go so I can keep them in my purse for all shopping purposes.

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