Dream Big, Start Small


That is what I felt during today’s process.

I was so excited last night to complete my goal for today that I barely slept. Who knew someone could be so excited about cleaning nightstands? Yet as I started moving things, sorting, and cleaning, the shame set in. This is what I started with:

In an article soon to come, I will talk about how wasteful my family is when it comes to water bottles. I am really working on that aspect of our lives.

You would be shocked as to what I found in these drawers. What shocked me was: a) candy from when I was pregnant many moons ago, b) a sippy cup with milk in it that could’ve been used for a blue ribbon science experiment, and c) so much money.

I started by cleaning it out. The wrappers, the water bottle lids, the empty pill wrappers from my many, many colds. It all had to go. Empty bottles of prescriptions, empty boxes of prescriptions. Gone. Cashed checks from my “husband,” old receipts that had no reason to be kept. Sayonara!

Mine was way, way, worse. It took much longer to organise, declutter, and eventually begin the process of minimising. Does the item have a purpose? Does it bring joy to my life? Is it a duplicate? Is it unique? These are all questions I ask myself when determining if something is worth keeping. I refuse to be a hoarder. While I found 3 pairs of baby nail clippers, 3 Nintendo 3DS chargers, a myriad of unused gift cards, an old computer wireless mouse, and an old, forgotten otter box – it was easy to put these items in the piles they represented. These are 1. Keep, 2. Garbage, 3. Donate.

I keep a box by the door for donations and The Kidney Foundation or The Diabetes Association picks it up once a month. I am not picky as to which gets it, it’s whoever calls me first to organise pick up. These are both wonderful organisations, I recommend all my Canadian readers check them out.

While my “husband” says he is on board with this, I see in some ways he is not fully ready to commit. Like I said, we have 3 Nintendo 3DS chargers. He refuses to part with any “just in case.” I am not going to force him, his video games bring him joy and that’s what matters. That is their purpose. Meanwhile, I have 5 lipsticks from Lipsense in my drawer and countless others spread around the house. No way am I giving those up, I love making myself stand out with my colours. It serves a purpose, it brings me joy, c’est la vie.

So after all that, I was sweating like a pig from running up and down the stairs. I didn’t expect to get a workout from this but hey, I’m not complaining. I got my nightstands organised, cleaned, and ready to show with pride!

I still need to find a home for 2 pairs of baby nail clippers but that’s another days work. Don’t mind the condoms, ain’t no body got time for another baby. Considering that both of these drawers were filled to the brim, I’d say my mission was successful. My area to which I first see in the morning is clean and clutter free! The rest of my bedroom… Well that’s another story. I’ll get there. Like I said, start small. The last thing I need to do is push myself too far, too fast.

Now that the shame is gone, just like all that garbage, all I feel is pride. I am a sharer. Sometimes I share too much information. At the end of the day, I think that is what is going to keep me going on this journey.

There should be another article to join this one at the end of the day. The topic: grocery shopping. We start meal planning next week as a whole family. Today I need to buy for the weekend as almost everywhere will be closed for the next couple of days. This is going to be the hardest aspect of our lifestyle change. My “husband” loves processed and packaged food.


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